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Catfish farming

September 08, 2023

Catfish farming needs to pay attention to the following:


Catfish is an omnivorous fish with a gluttonous nature. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly grasp the amount of feeding, so as to ensure how much fish there are in the pond and how much feed to prevent blind feeding. At the same time, it is necessary to implement point-by-point feeding, spread bait evenly, eat small meals frequently, and feed enough to prevent uneven hunger and fullness, resulting in polarization. At the same time, in the early stages of fish fry cultivation, animal feed should be mainly used for intensive cultivation. As the fish grows, some plant feed should be gradually switched to a combination of animal and plant feed. The daily feeding amount should be controlled at about 5-8% of the total weight of the fish, and the feeding amount must be adjusted every one week or half a month to make the feeding amount more reasonable.

Catfish are ferocious and greedy when implementing rotational fishing. When feeding, big fish often grab the food first, while small fish cannot eat the food, resulting in a growing gap in fish size. Therefore, a rotation should be carried out before catching catfish. Catch and raise separately, raise large and small fish in separate ponds, so that the growth can be balanced. This is one of the important measures to increase production.



Catfish overwintering is encouraged. According to the growth habits of catfish, after the winter pause, use the pond and remove excess silt and debris, then deepen the water level, stock about 500 kilograms of loaches per acre of water surface, and retain some water hyacinths and water hyacinths floating on the water surface. Aquatic plants such as water lilies create a quiet and comfortable living environment for catfish

Catfish has fewer diseases. Once the disease is found, it can be splashed in the whole pool containing 20 mg of bleach per liter of water.


The above are the precautions for catfish farming, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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