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Misunderstandings to avoid in the use of container flexitank

August 17, 2023

Container flexitanks are more and more widely used. Special attention should be paid to the selection of shipping container flexitanks. In addition to paying attention to the necessary qualification certification and arranging professional paving and other precautions in the selection of container flexitanks, there are several misunderstandings as follows Remind everyone.

Misunderstanding one is to focus on cost and ignore quality. The competition for container flexitank is very fierce. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers reduce the material composition, reduce the strength of PE film or PP woven cloth, add a lot of recycled materials, cut corners, and even the insurance is false. Some customers have If you try by chance, the one who suffers is often the customer himself.


Misunderstanding 2. The deformation of the container has nothing to do with the design of the flexitank. The flexitank should be used with the container. Some containers will appear bulging after loading. This has something to do with the old and new boxes of the shipping company and the standard. The structure technology of the flexitank has a certain relationship. We had a deep experience in the on-site bidding of a petrochemical company in Nanjing before. We used Qingdao Anda's container flexitank to compare the loading of the other two on-site. The same ship The company's container is also a 26-cubic container flexitank, and the loading volume of the other two is less than the Anda flexitank we use, and their container deformation is beyond the normal range.

Misunderstanding 3. After arriving at the destination, a slight leak is found in the flexitank. Is there a quality problem at the stitching? The sharp objects caused by body deformation and damage will damage the bag, because many logistics companies usually use drivers to pave in order to save costs. It is difficult for untrained drivers to achieve the professionalism of professional paving personnel. It is recommended to use liquid Bags need to find professional and responsible paving personnel to pave the liquid bag, so as to avoid saving a small amount of money and suffering a big loss.

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