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What are the benefits of using PVC canvas fish tanks for fish farming?

August 08, 2023

Fish farming in canvas fish ponds can be done indoors or outdoors. The advantage of canvas fish pond farming is that it can control the water level and temperature, which cannot be achieved by traditional soil pond farming. How big is the canvas fish pond for aquaculture fish pond? This depends on the species of fish that the farmers choose to breed and the scale of farming. Larger fish use larger ponds. Of course, large-scale farms also have larger breeding ponds. Generally, fish species are selected with a diameter of more than six meters and a height of about 1.45 meters. The round galvanized sheet canvas pond can also be used for grass carp farming. The canvas fish pond is easy to feed and manage, and can clearly record the breeding data, which is conducive to improving the breeding experience.



Fish farming in canvas fish ponds is a modern and popular fish farming model. So how effective is it?

Under conventional culture in the canvas pond, according to the size of the fish species and the density of growth, generally one cubic water body can produce about 50 kg of adult fish. Of course, not every kind of fish can produce so much in the canvas pond. The selected fish species should be able to resist stress and low oxygen to resist high density. The gradual rise of canvas pond farming has enabled many people without ponds to find a good way to develop aquaculture, but there are still many risks in canvas fish pond farming that deserve our attention.

Let me briefly introduce, especially the last one, please keep in mind.

1. The stability of the water body in the canvas pool is low, and the frequency of water intake and drainage increases in the case of high-density farming, resulting in high stress on the water body and easy injury to the fish. It is recommended to choose fish bodies with strong vitality and emergency resistance. Water changes can be done slowly in and out at regular intervals.

2. The water body in the canvas pool itself has insufficient oxygen capacity, so it is recommended to install oxygen increasing equipment.

3. In order to save space, the water level of the canvas pool is increased and the density is doubled. The density is too high, which will affect the health of the fish. Adequate water level placement, appropriate density is recommended.

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