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How to prevent and control the dead California perch

May 19, 2023

1. Control stocking density

There is a limit to the capacity of the pond. We suggest that breeding friends do not blindly increase the stocking amount of seedlings, and reasonably control the density according to their own pond conditions and management level. Blindly increasing the number of stockings is also likely to cause hypoxia during high temperature periods, resulting in low immunity and more prone to disease in California perch.

2. Do a good job in water quality control

Generally, in ponds with good water quality, California perch has less disease and lower mortality rate; ponds with poor water quality are always prone to disease, and it is difficult to control, and the mortality rate is also high. Therefore, in the high temperature season, we must pay attention to the management of water quality, and pay attention to detoxification and water regulation.

3. Scientific feeding

When the California perch eats normally, pay attention to the amount of feeding and do not overfeed; when the weather is bad, reduce or not feed appropriately. You can add Lechang eucalyptus essential oil when you usually mix the ingredients. Eucalyptus essential oil is a pure natural feed additive. Long-term consumption of the ingredients can not only prevent common parasitic diseases in fish, but also have a good inhibitory effect on bacteria. anti effect.

If the disease occurs, what should our farming friends do?

First, after the onset of the disease, the feed should be stopped first, and a mild water disinfectant should be used to inhibit bacteria in the water, avoid secondary infection, and prevent further ulceration of the wound. Afterwards, you can use bile acid + eucommia leaf extract + antibiotics as a seasoning. Antibiotics can inhibit bacteria in the fish; eucommia leaf extract can improve the fish's anti-stress ability, activate the fish's immune system, and help the fish recover itself; bile acid can repair Fish liver damage, enhance the detoxification and detoxification function of fish.

There are many diseases of California perch during the high temperature period. Prevention of diseases is always better than treatment. Don’t wait for the fish to get sick before thinking about treatment. It will be too late to regret it!

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