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RAS circulating water project investment logic

April 13, 2023

It is undeniable that compared with traditional aquaculture technology, circulating water technology requires a large amount of fixed investment in the early stage, such as civil engineering costs and various research and development inputs for aquaculture modules. Also face high operating costs for feed and fry. Therefore, in terms of investment in circulating water technology projects, we hope to find an agricultural technology service company that adopts the EPCO asset-light operation model, which can reduce the cost structure of circulating water farming or approach it to the cost structure of traditional farming.

Specifically,  believe that a good RAS aquaculture enterprise should have the following advantages:

First of all, behind the enterprise, there needs to be a complete set of data center to support the continuous data accumulation in the production process, and to get rid of the traditional breeding mode of relying on the empiricism of the master. Use data to train technicians in batches, so that the breeding process can be standardized and professional. Secondly, the enterprise needs to have more experienced aquatic researchers to do a good job in the breeding environment of the cultured species, and to be able to accurately control the hatching rate, survival rate, bait ratio and other factors. Finally, the team also needs to have a self-developed feed formula or an external feed company that can bring stable feed supply and nutrient intake to the species being farmed, and can make the aquatic products produced healthy and strong while reducing costs.

It is not a simple matter to use the new technology of RAS circulating water to subvert the traditional breeding mode in the past. The production process has spawned a large number of service requirements for technical support, facility support, and raw material support. Therefore, we hope to find a team with knowledge reserves spanning engineering, marine biology, animal nutrition, microbiology and other disciplines, and the management team can have both the ability to integrate industry resources and the ability to implement projects.

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