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How to solve the problem of sewage filtration in fish ponds

September 27, 2023

How to solve the problem of sewage filtration in fish ponds

One of the several issues that people in the aquaculture industry are more worried about during the breeding process is the sewage filtration of fish ponds. After all, breeding is related to water. The quality of the water body determines whether the breeding can be successful. Traditional fish ponds are In the natural environment, dirt can settle at the bottom of the pond and be naturally resolved, absorbed and transformed, but in artificial ponds it must be resolved through artificial means.

Outdoor galvanized sheet canvas fish pond

There are many methods and modes of fish pond filtration. For example, equipment filtration is a water circulation mode that uses a microfiltration machine to separate and precipitate fish excrement and bait residues, purify the water and put it back into use again. There is also biological filtration, which is common. There is an aquaponics system model, which uses vegetables floating on the water to absorb fish excrement as nutrients and make soilless vegetables. It not only grows vegetables but also purifies the water. It can also precipitate and filter out larger impurities. , and finally clean the water body through a microbial pool to the point where fish can be raised again. It is also a water-saving circulating aquaculture model, which is more ecological and environmentally friendly and has less impact on the environment.

Large canvas fish pond breeding base

The new aquaculture equipment galvanized sheet canvas fish pond is simple to install and build, has a long service life, the material is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the fish, and the requirements for the terrain are relatively flexible. Wolize Company believes that intensive management can carry out high-density aquaculture with higher benefits. , is now a popular choice for many people in the aquaculture industry. Galvanized sheet canvas fish pond farming has filtration and sewage problems. Many farmers also choose to adopt the filtration mode of aquaponics. The "double harvest of fish and vegetables" has higher environmental benefits.

Fish farming canvas pond

Filtration of Canvas Fish Ponds When installing fish ponds, many farmers will choose to make the bottom of the fish pond into the shape of a pot bottom and then equip it with a fish toilet. The advantage of the pot bottom shape is that dirt will gather on the fish toilet along the slope and then be discharged, so The working principle of the fish toilet is sedimentation. Is the fish toilet easy to use? The fish toilet collects feces very conveniently and quickly, and can be said to be easy to use. The installation location of the fish toilet can also be determined according to the planning of the breeding base and the direction of the pipeline, which is also relatively flexible.

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