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Canvas fish pond manufacturer canvas fish pond koi aquaculture galvanized sheet canvas fish pond

September 14, 2023

Canvas fish pond manufacturer canvas fish pond koi aquaculture galvanized sheet canvas fish pond

Galvanized sheet canvas fish pond is a popular aquaculture equipment in the past two years. Many people can't help but ask, what are the advantages of this artificial pond? Why is it so popular? Is it good to use a canvas pond to raise fish in a canvas fish pond? Today I will tell you about this new generation of canvas pond for breeding fish ponds.


What are the advantages of canvas fish ponds compared with other artificial breeding ponds:

1. The cost of canvas fish ponds is lower than that of cement pools and concrete pools. Building a cement pool requires materials such as masonry, mud, and sand, as well as labor costs. After the construction is completed, it will be necessary to wait for the waterproof layer to dry firmly enough to be put into use. Time cost, while canvas fish ponds only have galvanized sheets and fish pond canvas, both of which are prepared by canvas fish pond manufacturers. Customers only need to splice the finished products together, and there is no need to do additional waterproofing work, saving time, effort and labor. .

2. Compared with canvas fish ponds and PE breeding barrels, canvas fish ponds have higher flexibility. The galvanized steel plate is a hot-dip galvanized steel plate with national standard 1.0. It has high strength and stability and is not easy to rust. The zinc layer is thicker and is placed outdoors. It will not be corroded by wind, sun or rain. It is much lighter in weight than PE buckets. Moreover, PE buckets are a complete whole formed at one time, which is relatively bulky and inconvenient to move. The galvanized plate bracket is made of The splicing method can be disassembled and moved, and the utilization rate and cost performance are relatively high.


3. Compared with traditional earth pond breeding, the investment time is faster. Traditional fish ponds need to go through steps such as pond clearing, desilting and de-alkaliation before breeding. The initial construction time is also relatively long, while canvas fish ponds are soilless. Breeding does not require the process of dredging. The canvas fish pond is made of non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly materials, which are harmless to the cultured products. After simple water raising and disinfection, it can be put into breeding quickly, which consumes less time and is clean. Maintenance is also very convenient

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