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September 14, 2023

The impact of fish pond excrement on fish: Because aquaculture fish have always stayed in the water, the impact of changes in water quality on aquaculture products is still relatively large. Excessive accumulation of excrement in fish ponds will lead to excessive ammonia nitrogen content in water, which will cause infection, poisoning, hypoxia and even death of farmed fish. Because fish breathe through the cheeks, ammonia nitrogen in water will penetrate into the fish body through the cheeks, which will reduce fish eating, slow growth, reduce feed conversion rate, reduce oxygen transport between fish tissues, lose balance in water and even die.

So what should be done about the effluent of wolize's canvas fish pond? The materials needed to prepare for the sewage of the canvas pond are roughly matching fish toilets, a number of sewage drainage pipes (PVC water pipes and air pipes), and the entire drainage and sewage system has water sources, inlet and outlet, various channels, sluice gates, catchment pools, and so on. In order to facilitate sewage discharge, the bottom of the fish pond is generally recommended to make the bottom of the pot shape, so that some of the waste and slag of the flowing fish pond through the water body will converge to the center of the fish pond, in this position to install the fish toilet, the fish pond excrement can be smoothly discharged through the fish toilet and pipe, to keep the water quality clean.

The sewage design of the canvas fish pond is relatively simple, because the canvas fish pond is a regular shape, there is no cleaning dead corners, there will be no silt blockage, and the installation location of the fish toilet and pipeline can be determined according to the site selection and personal needs of the fish pond, and the limitation is relatively small. In addition to fish toilet sewage, conditions can also be made into fish and vegetables symbiotic circulating water filtration system, fish and vegetables double harvest saving resources is more ecological and environmental protection.

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