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Galvanized plate fish pond

September 14, 2023

The round galvanized plate pool is a new type of pool. The galvanized plate is made of thickened hot-dip galvanized steel strip, so that the steel plate will not rust. During the production process, a plate pressing machine is used to press out the corrugated steel plate, which greatly reduces the water content in the pool. pressure. The galvanized plate bracket is easy to install and is directly fixed with double rows of screws. It is not only easy to disassemble, but also strong and durable. It is more flexible and durable than the welded bracket.

The new galvanized sheet canvas pool has been widely used in many fields. Common ones include: fish farming, shrimp farming, crab farming, leech farming, agricultural orchard and vegetable garden water storage, industrial water storage tanks, etc. The galvanized plate supports for fish ponds and reservoirs provided by our manufacturer are made of thickened and environmentally friendly PVC fabric, which has the advantages of waterproof, sun protection, anti-freeze, aging resistance, rust-free, easy to drain, foldable and easy to install, strong and durable, etc. The life span is more than ten years. The cost is much lower than traditional brick fish ponds, and the installation is simple and the pond construction speed is much faster, saving customers time, worry and money.


Our materials are mildew-proof and leak-proof, using air-tight cloth materials and high-density waterproof canvas to prevent aging caused by long-term use. Therefore, many farmers, farmers, factories, etc. will choose the galvanized sheet waterproof canvas pool produced by our canvas. Customers who have used it often return to buy it for expansion of production, and also recommend it to colleagues in need.

Customized introduction to galvanized sheet farming canvas pool:


Bracket material: galvanized plate, thickened 1.0, made into a corrugated barrel shape by a plate press


Cloth pool material: knife scraping cloth (PVCg mesh cloth)


Color: Sky blue, gray Density: 0.48~0.5mm


Material: Highly airtight, wear-resistant, odorless, smooth, anti-seepage, and sun-resistant


Usage: Aquatic product breeding, industrial and agricultural mountain water storage, large swimming pools, children's play pools.


Frame: Galvanized sheet steel.


Size: Common height is 1.18 meters, diameter is 3-15 meters (can be customized).

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