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Introduction to soft fluid bag storage

September 14, 2023

Under severe environmental conditions such as disaster relief and drought, people increasingly need a relatively safe and economical container for storing liquids. In this article, we will introduce flexitanks, also known as truck-mounted flexitank transportation. Flexitank storage is a relatively new and effective way of storing liquids.


What is a flexitank?

Flexitanks are soft storage containers for bulk materials such as liquids. Depending on the specific gravity of the liquid, their capacity generally ranges from 50L to 26 tons. Flexitanks have their own advantages compared to other types of liquid storage tanks, such as rigid plastic tanks or steel tanks. First, they offer better capacity and weigh less than other storage tanks. Additionally, when they are emptied, they can be folded up to take up little space. Also, they are safe for the environment and the liquids they store.


Characteristics of flexitank

The variety of technical fabrics available for the manufacture of flexitanks results in a variety of different flexitank categories and specifications. Some flexitanks are for temporary use (such as container flexitanks), while others can hold a liquid for several years at a time, or can be used repeatedly (such as PVC soft water bladders, TPU oil bladders, etc.).


The purpose of flexitank


1. Fuel storage

Flexitanks can be used to store liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel and oil. In general, flexitanks are most commonly used by military or civilians for fuel storage. Rapid access to fuel may be required during emergencies, so flexitanks may be used in field hospitals, emergency airports, or at natural disaster relief sites.


2. Drinking water storage

Flexitanks are used in various disaster relief and emergency operations around the world. In a ready state, the flexitank takes up minimal space and can be easily transported to the site for use. Besides fuel, drinking water is another liquid that must be readily available. For example, field hospitals, emergency airports, and natural disasters all require potable water storage.


3. Food-grade liquid storage

Flexitanks can safely and effectively store food-grade liquid ingredients such as various types of oils, milk, juices, wines, fructose syrups, etc.


4. Storage of industrial chemicals

Flexitanks are ideal containers for transporting and storing industrial liquid chemicals. These include liquid detergents, lubricants, fertilizers, liquid latex and paints, among others.


5. One-time and temporary storage

In some applications, liquid storage is only needed temporarily, making purchasing a steel or composite rigid tank not a worthwhile investment. This typically occurs during industrial use or during sudden drought situations where liquid storage needs may fluctuate. In this case, using flexitanks can reduce overall storage costs. Additionally, flexitanks can also be used to transport liquids as they can be packed inside shipping containers, allowing for more efficient transport of liquids.


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