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Galvanized sheet canvas pond fish farming

August 17, 2023

Fish farming in galvanized sheet canvas ponds is also called soilless fish farming. You can intuitively understand why it is called "soilless" by looking at the picture below. This is a new type of aquaculture equipment and aquaculture method. Then this What are the characteristics of this new farming method? What are its advantages?

Is fish farming in galvanized sheet canvas pond reliable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of galvanized pipe canvas fish pond?

The disadvantage is that the filtration of the canvas pool is a place that needs to be paid attention to. It is necessary to prepare a pump to pump the water out to filter it and then flow it back into the tank. It is necessary to build a water circulation system and use a canvas pool to raise fish. Sewage discharge is very important. If some If the bait residue and fish excrement are not removed in time and accumulate at the bottom of the pool, the water body will produce ammonia nitrogen. The damage of ammonia nitrogen to fish can be divided into chronic and acute. The impact of chronic ammonia nitrogen poisoning on fish, such as reduced food intake and slower growth , damage the gill tissue of fish, which will put the fish in a state of stress for a long time and increase the possibility of illness; severe acute ammonia nitrogen poisoning will make the farmed fish hyperactive, lose balance, convulse or even die.

One of the most obvious advantages of galvanized sheet canvas fish pond is that it is cheap. Compared with digging a pond and waving a pond made of masonry, galvanized sheet canvas fish pond is much cheaper, and the cost of waterproof canvas is lower. Compared with PVC canvas Wear resistance, air tightness and waterproof performance are better, and the tear resistance is also better, so the service life of the canvas pool is relatively long; the outer bracket is made of galvanized sheet, which is relatively stable and resistant to oxidation. It is easy to rust, the combination of the two can be used for a long time, the cost performance is relatively high, and the use of galvanized sheet as the bracket can also save manpower, it does not require construction, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble. That's it.

The reliability of fish farming in galvanized sheet canvas ponds mainly depends on the individual's breeding ability. After all, aquaculture is a technical job, and farming depends on the complementarity of individuals and equipment.

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