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Do you need to fish out the dead fish just put in the fish pond?

June 26, 2023

In the process of fish farming, we will inevitably encounter dead fish in fish ponds, especially the fry that have just been released, because after water transfer, net pulling, transportation and other operations, the fish's physique will become particularly poor At this time, if we put the seedlings in the pond, dead seedlings will easily appear. Then the fish just put in the fish pond, when there are dead fish, do you need to fish out the dead fish?

Regarding this problem, my suggestion to you is to fish out the dead fish in the pond. In the process of fish farming, no matter whether the fish just released dies or dies due to other reasons, it must be done as soon as possible. It is necessary to take the dead fish out of the water and handle them properly, because in the process of fish farming, we often have major problems because some details are not done properly.

Because if the dead fish is not fished out of the fish pond at this time, some substances that are unfavorable to fish and water will be produced during the decomposition process of the dead fish, which will seriously cause the water quality to stink, and the harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen in the water will be too high. If the water quality is poor, it will further stimulate the fish, which is a vicious circle. Therefore, once there are dead fish in the pond during the fish farming process, they must be fished out in time.

What's more, no matter what the cause of death is, there will always be some pathogens on the dead fish, and they will multiply rapidly on the dead fish, which will increase the density of pathogens in the entire water body, and even some fish will Eat dead fish directly. In this case, it is easy to cause fish diseases to spread in a large area, which is extremely unfavorable for the prevention and control of fish diseases. Therefore, when there are dead fish in the fish pond, they must be dealt with in time.

Of course, it is only the most basic measure to fish out dead fish in fish ponds. What is more important is to find out how the fish died. It will stabilize after 3 days. If the number of dead fish has not dropped after 3 days, you need to pay attention.

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