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Agricultural irrigation uses PVC Water Storage Tank

June 26, 2023

PVC Water Storage Tank is a convenient water storage tool. It is not as difficult to carry as traditional water tanks, buckets, and cisterns. Its weight is very light, but its water storage capacity is comparable to its own weight. The difference is huge. At present, PVC Water Storage Tank plays an important transportation role in agricultural life, and is especially suitable for water transportation in hills and mountains where water is scarce. PVC Water Storage Tank can be customized for various types of vehicles, and it will not damage the vehicle body due to bad roads during transportation, prolonging the life of the vehicle.


The water storage of PVC Water Storage Tank is still determined by its principle. Since the polymer material used in PVC Water Storage Tank can form a complete and continuous coating film after drying, although it is a relatively complete coating film, there are still gaps. Water in nature is in an association state, and dozens of water molecules are connected by hydrogen bonds to form large molecular clusters. It becomes extremely difficult if the molecular group wants to pass through the polymer gap of the water sac.


Features of PVC Water Storage Tank:

1. Easy to transport, PVC Water Storage Tank can be transported with general agricultural machinery, and it is more convenient to transport.

2. Small size, PVC Water Storage Tank is very small when not storing liquid, and can even be folded so that it will not take up extra space.

3. The reserves are huge, and the reserves of large PVC Water Storage Tanks can reach more than ten or even tens of tons of water.

4. Save energy, the water injection method is simple and fast, and will not waste excess electric energy.

Small PVC Water Storage Tank plays a big role in agricultural life. The PVC Water Storage Tank produced by Wolize also has good sealing and corrosion resistance. It can be used to store some raw materials with a pungent smell. Its lifespan can be 8- 10 years.

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