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High-density aquaculture water quality management

May 26, 2023

Since a lot of residual bait and excrement will be produced during the breeding process, a large amount of them will be deposited on the bottom of the pond and fermented and decomposed, often producing harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia ammonia, resulting in deterioration of water quality, which not only seriously affects the growth of fish species, but also causes The occurrence of diseases, especially in the summer when the temperature is higher, the speed of water quality deterioration is very fast, so it is necessary to add new water frequently to improve the water quality.


As the fish body continues to grow, the number of water changes should be flexibly controlled according to the specific conditions of water quality changes. It is necessary to do a good job in daily disease prevention work, and take corresponding measures in time according to the observation results of the pond patrol. In addition to using quicklime and other drugs to clean the pond thoroughly, attention should also be paid to cleaning the food field regularly, and disinfection should be carried out during fish disease epidemic seasons.

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