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Why is the galvanized sheet fish pond durable and is it cost-effective to raise fish?

May 17, 2023

The durability of the canvas fish pond is mainly because its composition materials are PVC waterproof canvas and galvanized sheet. Galvanized sheet is steel with galvanized surface. Zinc is stable in nature and not easy to oxidize. long life.

PVC waterproof canvas is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is non-polluting to the aquaculture water body and has no harm to the aquaculture fish. The heat-sealing technology is used to stitch the canvas, which reduces the disadvantages of pinhole water leakage compared with traditional sewing. The tightness and water resistance are relatively good, no water seepage, tear-resistant and pull-resistant, strong and wear-resistant, so the service life of the canvas is relatively long.


The construction of the galvanized sheet fish pond is also simple. After splicing the galvanized sheet and laying the canvas directly, it can be put into use after being fixed, saving time and effort. It is cost-effective to raise fish in a galvanized sheet canvas fish pond. After all, digging a traditional pond or Building a cement fish pond is also time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost is not low, so galvanized sheet canvas fish ponds have become a popular aquaculture equipment in the past two years.

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