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March 24, 2023

Now, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and there are more and 

more leisure activities. More people raising koi and DIYing fish tanks and building fish 

ponds. However, how to design and build can achieve "beautiful wife and cheap dowry". 

This tests the high-quality canvas.

First of all, no matter it is a pond for goldfish breeding or koi breeding, even people who

have no breeding experience can roughly estimate the size. However, due to the wide variety

 of koi and large ornamental fish, the space for growth must be sufficient. Otherwise, the lack

 of space will hinder the growth of koi. Ordinary koi will grow to about 55-70 cm, and good 

koi will grow to about 1 meter. Knowing the growth space of koi, how deep should the outdoor

 koi pond be? If you consider it comprehensively, it has something to do with the area of the 

koi fish pond. How big should the pond be? If you are building a canvas fish pond, let's listen 

to what experts from WOLIZE canvas have to say.

Experts from WOLIZE told us that when people talk about building a pond, they will first say

 that if conditions permit, the bigger the fish pond, the better. The more water, the richer the 

dissolved oxygen in the water, the slower the change of water temperature, and the less polluted

 the water quality. But even with the same amount of water, it is recommended to make a circular

 pool. After the wind blows across the water, there will be small waves and some oxygen will be 

incorporated. If we take an opera of about 3 square meters as an example, the water depth is about

 50cm, and 1/4 of the water will be replaced from the bottom of the pond every week. A pond like

 this can raise about 14cm juvenile fish, no more than 10. After one or two years like this, difficulties

 will come. When the koi grow up, they will exceed the capacity of the pond in all aspects. If the 

density is too high, the health of the koi will be a big problem. You have to expand the filter and 

fish pond. Therefore, it is necessary to build a large koi fish pond.

Generally, the pool in the courtyard should be at least about 80cm. In a wide open space, try to

 reach 1-1.5m, and the minimum water depth is 80cm. Considering that koi may jump into the 

pond, a height of 20-30cm should be reserved. The total depth of the fish pond is about 105cm.

 ——110cm. If you want to watch the pond, don't sprinkle the feed all over the pond, but lead the

 koi to feed it. Therefore, some people build the depth of the fish pond to 50-60cm, and the fish 

can be observed every day. You can also see at a glance how much fish food is left. Families with 

children should also pay attention to building a fence around the fish pond, which can also prevent

 koi from jumping into the pond. To sum up, the depth of the outdoor koi fish pond should be at 

least about 1 meter. When building a koi fish pond, pay attention to the precautions for the 

construction of a koi fish pond. In order to avoid loopholes.

As for the materials for the construction of canvas fish ponds, experts from WOLIZE Canvas recommend

 pvc plastic-coated cloth, first of all, pvc-coated cloth is 100% waterproof. The PVC coated cloth of 

WOLIZE Canvas has the properties of waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistance, aging resistance, 

anti-static, etc.; and the PVC coated cloth of WOLIZE Canvas has excellent breaking strength, tear 

elongation and tear strength. It is more suitable for traditional tarpaulins; the surface is specially 

treated to prevent slipping. It is a universal waterproof canvas. The PVC-coated canvas of WOLIZE 

Canvas can be customized according to the length and width of customers, and the width is very 

large. When the finished product is processed, it can reduce seams and improve quality , can be 

heat-sealed and spliced to avoid the worry of water leakage during sewing. Products with different 

functions, different colors and different thicknesses can be customized according to the needs of 

users. It is a good choice for your own fish pond to raise koi.

Live a leisurely life, use the best canvas to raise healthy carp, WOLIZE canvas will go with you through

 thick and thin.

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